Monday, November 9, 2020

Cumgirl Lynn Modeling Audition

Cumgirl Lynn is everything a man could want from a Latina beauty. With her seductive brown eyes, and a body that won't quit, Lynn is wet dream in the making. Unlike other porn beauties, fans have the opportunity to fuck our darling one on one no-holds-bar. Taste her sweet nectar as it flows. Feel her perfectly formed breast while licking her firm nipples and plowing her inviting ass. Finally, shove that hard cock into her pussy, no condoms, just the feel of a solid cock sliding in and out, of her wet snatch.  Let's not forget her legendary blowjobs that bring grown men to tears. Our Cumgirl is what wet dreams are made of.
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Everyone's Cum Drenching Dream!

This is a great Bukkake gang bang from start to finish. A lot of fucking with no shortage of cum. I would rate this four and a half  out of five stars! Happy pumping guys!!!! Lynn xxxx!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

A young 19 year old Lynn Shell

 A young 19 year old Lynn Shell poses in the early days for an audition.  

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Violet Starr Slutty Trick Or Treat Halloween

All right guys, if a young lady showed up at your door on Halloween looking like this no doubt you would blow your load before you could shove your cock in her mouth. This video is a cock blower!
Lynn xxxx!!!! 

Friday, October 30, 2020

I FUCKED MY SISTER'S BOYFRIEND /A true encounter by Lynn Shell


I was visiting my baby sister Amber and her boyfriend, Roger, who hosted a pool party. Hot women, string bikinis, and men with loaded cocks, are a combination that is wound to result in someone getting fucked. In high school, Amber and I used to tag-team when it came to sex, sharing each other's boyfriends. When there wasn't enough sex to satisfy our daily needs, we spent a lot of time between each other's legs, feasting on one another.


I decided to try out my new all-white macro string bikini. As you can imagine, there was nothing left to the imagination. A small white patch of fabric covered the entry to my pussy, two pieces covered my nipples, and one thin string rode up the crack of my ass. Amber was a little irritated with me. It was obvious to her, I was on the hunt, looking for cock. Amber is not someone to be ignored. Gorgeous, with a body to die for, my sister is a bombshell! She pranced around in a leopard style string bikini that revealed her dark tan skin, leaving men at the party salivating.


We are both sluts, and a bit competitive. Amber knew my choice of swimwear was no  accident. I was purposely exposing myself wearing my macro bikini, teasing the male guest, and she knew it. She saw that several men were trying to hide their obvious erections that were protruding through their wet swim trunks. I always have known Amber's boyfriend Roger has had a crush on me, and I admit that I tease that boy every chance that I get. Today was no different! I could see Roger staring at me through the corner of his eyes as I passed him by, while my sister jabbed him in his side.


I headed to the washroom and started cleaning up when Roger walked in with his cock standing at attention. He said with an evil grin, "You may be Amber's sister, but your reputation as a dirty slut proceeds you."  Before I could even respond, he grabbed me and began kissing me on my lips. I wasn't protesting, I wanted him bad. The thing about sexually teasing men, once they reach the point of no return, they are going to take you down and Roger was no different. He ripped the top portion of my new bikini, leaving it torn and dangling. I yell at him, "What the fuck, this is a new bikini!" Roger replied harshly, "Shut the fuck up bitch, and get ready to suck my aching cock!"


Amber's boyfriend was going to town, licking my hard nipples as he massaged the outside of my pussy with his free hand. What would my sister think? He lifted me up on the washroom counter and kept kissing my lips. I wanted to feel him inside me! I felt his penis pressing against my wet pussy, and my swimsuit bottom was soaking in love juice, what little there was. At that moment, I glanced down and saw his hard exposed dick sticking out of the waistband of his shorts, a dick that measured about 8 inches, and precum was saturating the tip of his cock. My mouth started to water. Little did he know my uncontrollable addiction to cock!


He knelt down and dived between my legs, and went to town on my wet snatch! Fuck! This dude knew how to eat pussy! I was delirious, bucking like a wild animal as he devoured me. What seemed like hours, though it was only moments, left me screaming in ecstasy. All of a sudden, I felt a shockwave rip through my body, and I started convulsing. He sent me into an orgasmic wonderland that rocked my world that left me limp, exhausted, and unable to move.


Roger could see that I was wasted and said, "I'm not done with you yet, you bitch!" He forced me to my knees where I was face to face with his massive 8-inch cock. I sat there, arms limp, hair clinging to my sweat-drenched body staring at his 8-inch monster. I knew what was going to happen next. Not that I was complaining. For so long, I wanted to fuck Roger, and ride him into the sunset. Now I was face to face with his beautiful cock. I wanted to make a meal out of his massive cream-filled delight. I just needed a moment to regain my composure. I had just had my pussy eaten out by a master muff diver and was totally wiped out.  He held my face, pressing his cock against my lips. Without warning he shoved his cock in my mouth leaving me no choice but to engulf his manhood. He showed no mercy. Roger was in control and  fucked my face into oblivion. The sound of his pelvis slapping my face echoed throughout the house. He screamed with fury, "Suck it, you dirty cunt, suck it! And suck it, I did! I had regained my second wind and went to town on his shaft.

I could feel his cock pulsating, ready to explode. He was grunting in ecstasy and picked up the pace, mercilessly pounding my face. So intense was the pounding, my eyes rolled in the back of my head, and I started drifting off into unconsciousness. He pulled his monster out of my mouth, and walloped me across the face and said, "don't pass out yet you little bitch! You're going to watch as I blow my load down your throat!" He shoved his cock back into my mouth and pumped his way to the finish line. He let out a scream and blew his load with such ferocity I thought he was going to blow my head off my shoulders. I swallowed gulp after gulp of his creamy reward. So massive was his load, I couldn't swallow fast enough. He pulled his exploding member from my mouth and unloaded the rest of his creamy goodness all over my face, hair, and chest soaking me Bukkake style.

"Fuck I thought!" My sister has a long standing reputation for being a slut and giving champion blowjobs. I would have thought that she had this guy pumped, dry, and satisfied. Yet, here he was unloading torrents of hot cum in my mouth, all over my face, bathing me till I was a dripping mess as if he hadn't unloaded his cock in months.


Still exhausted, limp, unable to move, Roger lifted me up and threw me across the counter on my stomach, and plowed his cum lubricated cock in my ass. No mercy, no consideration for my willing ass. His goal was to pump another load of cum deep inside me. I can't get enough of anal sex; however, I was shocked that he could shove his cock in my ass with such ease. He said condescendingly, "You fucking whore, it looks like you have had plenty of cock up your ass!" He pumped my ass as though he was pumping for oil, and with each thrust, I could feel the shockwave flowing throughout my body.


I held on to the counter and screamed, begging him, "Fuck me harder, please fuck me harder"  Each thrust of his fuck pole brought me closer to my second orgasm. After several minutes of deep ass pounding, without warning, my body started uncontrollably shaking. An orgasm more powerful than the first ripped throughout the canal of my pussy, leaving my love nest overflowing, dripping down my legs. He pulled his fuck pole from my ass, and turned me over to face him and plowed his cock deep inside my pussy. I screamed in ecstasy as the sounds of his cock sliding in and out of my wet snatch echoed. Amber's boyfriend was fucking me out of my mind and I reciprocated, bucking like a wild stallion. "Deeper, I screamed, deeper! fuck me deeper!"  I lay there helpless as he continued to pump away inside my aching pussy. I was once again delirious, drifting off to the land of the unconscious. "No more," I begged him, no more, make me cum." Before I could finish my sentence, he blew his cum load inside me. So powerful was his orgasm I could have sworn that it blasted out my ass. I screamed as a this orgasm overwhelmed my sweat drenched body. Dazed, exhausted, my limp body slid slowly down to the floor. I passed out. I was done!


So intense was the fucking, I didn't notice that my sister had been standing there watching the both of us fucking like rabbits. She had been there the whole time, as I fucked her boyfriend senseless. Or should I say, I was the one being fucked senseless. As I was coming too, I could hear my sister yelling at Roger, telling him to get the fuck out of the room! "I'm going to teach this bitch a lesson," she screamed, as she stood towering over me like I was prey. When I looked up, that was when I notice she was naked, wearing a strap-on. That thing must have been at least 9 inches. Amber grabbed me by my hair and threw me against the wall, and started to slap the shit out of my face. I was too wasted to defend myself and took my deserved beating.


Amber beat the shit out of me, and after several minutes, I started drifting to unconsciousness, and my body helplessly started sliding limp to the floor. Amber once again grabbed my hair, stopping my descent, and said, "You're not getting off that easy, you stupid bitch!" At that moment, my baby sister plowed her strap-on deep inside me and mercilessly fucked my worn pussy. She impaled me with her shaft, causing my beaten body to dangle with each thrust, leaving me twitching in agony. "No more, Amber, no more!" I cried out as she continued pounding my pussy. She must have fucked me for almost a half-hour straight. To my amazement, I could feel another orgasm building up, ready to explode. She picked up the pace as she ferociously slammed my pussy. My eyes open wide in shock as I experienced my fourth orgasm that left me shuttering in ecstasy. She removed her 9-inch dildo from my decimated pussy as I dropped to the floor in a wet heap.


"Now you're done, you piece of shit," Amber yelled as she dragged me by my hair to the front door. She threw me on the front lawn in a heap along with the remnants of what was left of my string bikini. "That will teach you to flaunt your pussy at my pool party you bitch!" I laid naked, spread eagle on the front lawn, trying to regain my composure, as onlookers passed by, viewing my fucked, and beaten body as I lay there humiliated.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Monday, October 26, 2020


 Story by Lynn Shell

I wrote this story for you guys that love to fantasize about wild, unexpected sex. I hope this keeps you pumped and dry!


It all started when I walked into the house from a long day of work, and there she was!! Bent over cleaning her hair in our kitchen sink, wearing a midriff halter top that complemented her smooth tan skin and the tightest denim shorts that exposed her butt cheeks, leaving nothing to the imagination. I walked up behind her, my cock bulging in my pants, and suddenly she turned around, holding her wet hair up, saying, "Hey, it's you," with a big smile on her pretty face.


She saw my bulge and smiled. Embarrassed, I walked towards the bathroom to cool down, and to my surprised, she followed me. My cock was throbbing, and I was ready to blow my load on the spot. Then she did the unexpected, grabbed my fingers, and placed it in her crotch area. She wasn't wearing anything but her blue denim shorts, which did nothing to hide pussy. 


To my amazement, her pussy was soaking wet, dripping down her legs. I couldn't resist and rammed my three fingers inside her wet snatch. She grabbed her hair with both hands, and her body convulsed as she let out rhythmic moans. It was too much to bear so I grabbed her leading her back to the kitchen, throwing her across the kitchen table. Before she could say a word I dived between her legs, lapping her flowing juices, devouring her pussy. That girl screamed in ecstasy, holding both sides of the table as she lay helplessly thrashing about. Then she placed her hands on my head, pushing my face deeper into her soaking love nest.  


I jumped up and dropped my shorts, exposing my 7.5-inch cock. I needed so badly to shove my cock into her mouth and unload. She knew I needed that and engulf every inch of my hard cock without batting an eyelash! This girl was no stranger to sucking cock, and suck cock she did. This was the most amazing blowjob I had ever experience. This girl feasted on every inch of my shaft, and I could feel my cock throbbing, ready to blow! I pulled my cock out of her mouth, lifted her back on to the table, moving aside what little denim-covered her snatch, and plowed my 7.5-inch monster into her wet pussy. I fucked the shit out of her, and her screams echoed throughout the house. "Harder," she begged, "harder," and fuck her, I did. She pushed me off of her, rolling me over on my back, and mounted me, and rode me into oblivion.


At that moment, my sister returned home, walked in, and the shock on her face was priceless."What the fuck!!!" She screamed, as her best friend continued to ride me non-stop, her body shaking. She rode me until she reached a climax and screamed in orgasmic ecstasy. Exhausted, she collapsed on top of me in a wet heap! My sister stood there, fuming, having watched us fuck our brains out.


My sister's friend glanced over at my sister, smiled, and said, "want some?" She rolled off of me, my cock standing at attention, ready to blow. I was shocked when my sister grabbed my cock. I watched as my throbbing member disappeared down her throat. She was no newbie when it came to deepthroating, and she did a number on my tortured cock while her friend swirled her tongue around my balls. It was too much to bear. I blew a massive load of hot cum down my sister's throat, and she swallowed every drop like a champ!


My sister looked at both of us and said, "Both of you have been very naughty" I was in awe that my sister could blow my cock the way she did. Those girls wiped me out!


This was a fuck of a lifetime!  

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Mind blowing amateur blow job and fuck!




Mastering your talents as a cock-sucking expert, using your skills to send a guy into a state of orgasmic bliss is essential if you wish to make him utterly addicted to you.

There is a substantial distinction in between performing a blowjob on a guy and really sucking his cock. Downing a guy's cock is certainly a sensuous as well as a pleasurable experience however; feasting on his cock is a much more extreme, erotic, inhibition-free, sensual act.

Start by licking his cock, working your tongue up and down his shaft. Take command of his cock. At that moment, you're the boss. Don't just suck his cock, feast on it! You want to feel the pulsing, throbbing sensation in your mouth. Don't ignore his balls. His balls are as delicate as his penis, and for some men, a lot more sensitive.

Utilizing your tongue using lots of saliva, (feasting!) will provide your man with an ultra-pleasurable and erotic experience. start by holding his erect penis upward with both hands and gently push down at the base to make his cock even harder, start making a slow circular activity with your tongue around the top of his cock and work your way downward while engulfing as much cock as possible. You can also tease him by dragging your lips and tongue up and down the (underneath the cock all the way to the base of the tip) length of his cock. Warning! I have had men lose it at this point and what started out as an erotic blowjob turned into a brutal face pounding! I certainly don't mind, particularly when I know I'm bringing a guy the orgasm of a lifetime.

Men love women who can deep-throat their cocks. Many women are uncomfortable with the gag reflex. However, with practice you can master those reflexes.  Be sure to listen to your man's reaction, his breathing, groaning, and the pulsating rhythm cock and that will tell when he is ready to explode. Some men love to pump their load down my throat in which case I suck them dry. Some men want to see the explosion of cum all over my face particularly when sucking a man in public. 

On a side note, when I know that I will be sucking men in public I generally wear a skintight, short halter-top skirt, no panties. This gives guys easy access to my pussy and for those guys who want to plaster my face with cum, they plenty of space above my breast to unleash their creamy goodness without totally soaking my dress leaving evidence for all to see! 

Let me know what you think. 

Lynn xxxx!!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2020

BWF Sex Club's Cumgirl Lynn poses before her stage performance!

My fans keep debating whether or not I am Filipino or Hispanic. While I have passed for Filipino, I am definitely Hispanic.  Lynn xxxx!!!


Brutal cum drenched Asian!

No question these men had there way with this Asian pussy and finished her off with a Bukkake to remember!  Lynn xxxx!!! 

Facial Hall of Fame/These young ladies demonstrate their talents!


Slut takes a pussy pounding and a no mercy cum drenching!

A powerful Bukkake gangbang that leaves this young lady drowning in cum. This is definitely one for the Facial Hall of Fame!  Lynn xxxxxxx!!  

Brutal Asian gangbang!

This video starts out slow then works its way to a climatic finish! At the end it's definitely a cock popper! Lynn xxxxxx!!

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Blowjob to the finish!


Facial Hall of Fame/So many cocks so little time!


Facial Hall of Fame/Honorable Mention


Facial Hall of Fame/Asian cream!


Facial Hall of Fame/Chocolate cream delight!


Facial Hall of Fame/No mercy drenching!


Facial Hall of Fame/Just the beginning


Sunday, September 13, 2020

Lynn Shell/BWF Underground Sex Club



Revenge fuck by someone in your past is bound to happen at an event like Cumfest with the large number of people are in attendance, but it is a rare occurrence at the  BWF Sex Club where I work.  Last night I was doing this one guy on stage who was plowing his 7 inch cock in my pussy and fucking me like there was no tomorrow. It was when I was nearing climax that he revealed that he was an old high school nerd, a guy I wouldn't give the time of day to, one of those creepy guys who would rape you in a back alley if he got the chance. Now this guy was deep inside of me making up for lost time. He fucked me until I was losing my mind. He would bring me to the point of climax then pull out his monster cock and let the momentum fizzle, doing it over and over again until he had me in convulsions and tears begging for my orgasm.  Finally the bastard put me out of my misery bringing me to an ear piercing orgasm that left my body exhausted twitching uncontrollably. My boss was pissed, I could barely walk let alone perform, and I was done for the night.  I don't know if I should be angry with this guy and feel violated. I will admit that I had not experienced an orgasm like that in quite some time so I'm emotionally torn. Truth be told, if he ever patrons the club again I'd fuck him in a heartbeat!

What are your thoughts?

Lynn xxxxx!!!!